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Koffietijd (coffeetime)

I was invited yesterday by Dutch morning show Koffietijd (coffeetime)
I was a surprise guest for Dutch celeb and singer Gordon. His new hitsong “Kom eens dichterbij” is still on #1.
We had a blast and we got a lot of positive feedback.
Lorettea schrijver and Pernille Lalau are the hosts of the show.



Kamasutrabeurs with Kim Holland

Together with Dutch pornactress Kim Holland we were posing for Panorama magazine.

Bobbi Does Holland!

This is my fourth week in Holland for this trip, and two more to go before i return to Los Angeles. Time to give you an update on what i’ve been doing over the last month! And it’s a lot. Ever since i touched down in the lowlands of the Netherlands, i have been in and out of radio and TV studio’s. So here’s a lot of the stuff that i have done. It’s all in Dutch, but what the hell.. lol 😉

First thing i did was a review and a scene for the new GTA game. And recreate a scene from the game, good stuff.

Inside GTA

Inside GTA.

Playing the game and giving my review.

Playing the game and giving my review.

After that i was a guest on the ‘Coen & Sander show, a popular Radio show on prime time national radio. Lot’s of stuff about the book but also me singing my favorite kiddie songs. Wanna hear me sing? Skip to 22.35 and laugh!

After that it was straight to the NOS op 3 News. It’s our evening news and i was asked to give my view on the state on the HIV outbreak that was going on. Here’s a link to the vid. in Dutch 😉

The next day i was a guest on BNN today. I do a segment for them every week called ‘Famous last words’ and now i was invited to talk about the movie ‘Lovelace’ and spent one hour with host Willemijn, who i adore! 🙂 I also did a pre show video for them:

With Willemijn. Host of BNN Today.

With Willemijn. Host of BNN Today.

After that i was invited to one of the biggest talkshows in Holland, RTL Late night. But before i went to the show i visited the opening of the Expo of Dutch artist Selwyn Senatori, who opened up his Expo in Amsterdam and New York in the same week. Paris Hilton was one of the guests. While i was doing RTL late night, talk-show host Humberto Tan surprised me with two Dutch XXX Awards. One for best Porn Star and one for Best XXX Industry Personality. Link to a small part is here:


Talk show host Humberto Tan.

Talk show host Humberto Tan.













After all this i had one day to get some rest, cause on Monday i was doing the shoot for a music video from Gordon. Gordon is one of the most notorious showbiz people in Holland. Hit shows on TV and singer. We shot the Video in an old church in Utrecht in one day on monday, it was finished and released on Thursday, and on Friday the single hit the number one spot on the Dutch charts.

All the big shownews shows reported on the video that included a porn star hahaha. The single is now spending it’s second week at the top spot on the charts. Here’s the video:

And here’s the behind the scene’s footage:

Then i did the KamaSutra Festival in Utrecht. Three days of Erotica in a concert hall with 20.000 people. I have been doing this festival for ten years and we always make sure to bring lots of merchandise. Unfortunately i sold all my stuff, posters,DVD’s,Fleshlights,Cock & Balls underwear,Calendars etc. on the first two days and on Sunday i was sitting in a empty booth!

Luckily reality star and DJ Tony Star brought a portable Jaegermeister bar and we had lot’s of guests and crew to help out! We had a ton of fun!

My booth at the KamaSutra Festival.

My booth at the KamaSutra Festival.

These festivals are always a lot of fun to do and i’ll be doing the next one in Februari 2014. After the festival i had one day of and needed to catch up on some sleep and get some decent food into my body! Dutch magazine ‘Panorama’ will feature a six page special about me at the festival this week.









Next up was the ‘Spuiten & Slikken’ show. It’s a show on national TV about sex and drugs. I was invited because of my sponsorship of the Amsterdam Fashion Week and the label of Esther Meijer ‘Nieuw Jurk’ that i did this summer. Always a pleasure to be on the show! No videos of this one yet, it just aired last night.

Spuiten en Slikken show.

Spuiten en Slikken show.













I also had talks with the Beate Uhse company, who want to work together with me on some projects and we have some crazy stuff that is coming in the near future. Some of it has to do with social media and a TV station. Pretty exciting. I’m also in talks with a Dutch company who invented a new toy. I tested the prototype last week and it is insane! All i can say right now 😉 Last Saturday i did the show ‘Start van de Nacht’ on The Hague FM, where i always go when i’m in Holland.

And here i am, Monday night, doing this blog and preparing for another crazy week!

Tomorrow i am shooting promo for my book, doing my show for you guys on and doing my weekly ‘Famous last words’ on BNN today. Thursday i am making a surprise appearance in another TV show and on Saturday i will give an outrageous Halloween party in Amsterdam at the Van Dyck Bar. This party will go until 5 AM. The next day i have to do two TV shows, one local at 1PM till 5PM and another on the other side of the country for national TV called ‘Zo Rayman’ And in between all this i am still working on my book, doing my weekly column for ‘Panorama Magazine’ and do my live shows for No rest For The Wicked as they say. Here’s some more pics from the last few weeks. Enjoy and see you at the live show! x


Video shoot Gordon.

Video shoot Gordon.



Coen & Sander Show.

Coen & Sander Show.



Award #1.


Award #2.


Crew video shoot Gordon.

Crew video shoot Gordon.













Day Amsterdam

foto (6)

It’s WEEKEND!!! Hope you all have a sexy, relaxing, exciting weekend. After my last post about my book I had a few other meetings with publishers. Thursday I went to Amsterdam to do this and had a great day. More offers to think off. Both publishers were very excited and now it’s up to me to choose a partner and publisher for my book. It’s gonna be something i will think about in the coming two weeks before i make a final decision.

foto (12)

You know I’m a Starbucks addict.. and It’s been a while since I got myself a nice Venti Latté. So Starbucks it was! I made a visit to Starbucks Amsterdam. Amsterdam is only one of a few cities in Holland that has one. It was cold so I was happy that I had warm cup of coffee. 🙂 I took a little snapshot of the Starbucks sign. Actually I love the photo, because you can see the nice architecture of Amsterdam. FYI it could be me..but the taste is slightly different but i was pretty happy anyway…i love my fucking Starbucks baby!

Here are a few snapshots I took. I came across a cute jewelry store and it’s called ‘Garden of Eden’ I serious love the collection. It was very pretty and different. I do LOVE my bling, but this was something I loved too. 😉 I will send them my royalty check in a few LOL

After a long day of meetings and stroling through Amsterdam with the cold cold wind in my face I was pretty much exhausted. So back to The Hague, get dinner (take away) and off to bed.

foto (7) foto (8) foto (9) foto (10)











mwuaah x Enjoy the weekend and hopefully I see you on cam this weekend. I’ll be live on

foto (11)


Study and Party

What’s up fuckers! 😉 Here’s a little update.

The last few weeks have been a whole lot of fun and i’ve been traveling all over Holland since i got back from LA.



First things first..i have started on my drivers license!! It is one of the reasons why my visit to Holland will be a little bit longer than usual. I hope to have my license in about eight to ten weeks. After that i will return home to LA. Of course i have to thank driving school Fly-Over in the Hague for endorsing me! Woohooo 😉 Stay of the road fuckers, here i come 🙂





Skating with the stars. 


Over the last few weeks i have been a guest on the Dutch version of ‘Skating with the stars’ to support my friend Tony Star. And i think it worked, because he won the finals! 😉


We had a lot of fun during and after the shoots. Here’s a few pics, Dutch people will know exactly who are in these candid shots hahaha.





Headlining KamaSutra Amsterdam



Unfortunatly i can not be at the Adultcon in LA in March….but….

There will be an extra edition of the popular Dutch erotic festival ‘KamaSutra’ in Amsterdam. The event will take place on the 22,23 & 24th of March at the RAI stadium in Amsterdam. So there will be a worldwide display of VNA girls 😉 Hope to see my Dutch friends there!


Dutch Television

In the coming weeks i will do some appearances on Dutch television. On the 28th of Februari i will be co hosting the popular show ‘Spuiten & Slikken’ for BNN. On the 6th of April i will do ‘Henk Bres in de nacht’ and on the 12th of April i can be seen on Upload Cinema, a new show by VPRO. You can also catch a brand new episode of ‘Bobbi in the USA’ on the cable network of ‘Meiden van Holland’ in the coming weeks. I will try the best i can to get all of this online so people that are not from Holland, can still catch some of it on  my website. You can also listen to me on Dutch Radio 1, every tuesday at around 10PM (Dutch time) for my segment ‘Famous last words’ for the news show BNN today.














I hope you like my new video on the site, if can go fuck yourself 😉








More to come 😉 X, Bobbi


Christmas is over and the New Year is around the corner, just a few more days !! 🙂 and don’t forget to mention it’s my birthday the 4th !! 🙂 Partyyyy..
I had a good time spending Christmas is bed.. with movies.. snacks and drinks ! I really enjoyed my day off. 🙂
How was yours? Anything excited happened? Or the usual yearly I have to go to my parents kind of thing ?
See ya soon online again.. I will keep you updated about the VNA camshow. 🙂
Love Bobbi

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

🙂 Merry Christmas Fuckers !!! And a fantastic and sexy, naughty NEW YEAR !!!

Nikki, Alexis, Devon and Phoenix .. ;)

Haaaaaiiii !!

Happy late Thanksgiving:) Hope your was a good one. And hope you got some Turkey.. I did .. and I mean I really had some Turkey. Two Turkeys to be exact.
I had a great Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving i have been shooting for Bobbi in de USA. I know Keiran Lee for many years and thought it would be nice to follow him for a weekend on one of his sets.. He was shooting Nikki Benz and Alexis Ford and Manuel Ferrara.. en Devon happenend to be there too. She is back after a break of five years. The weekend was awesome.. I seen a lot of cocks, pussy and boobs..
Oh I also met Phoenix Marie and she is HOT !! Will be shooting with her soon I hope. So stay tuned for some steamy g/g content with me and Phoenix !

Here some photos …